Welcome to Tenacious LC EP4.5
King Of Dratan Cartoon
Next War 01-21-2017 20:00
King Of Dratan GuildWar
Next War 01-21-2017 20:00
Small Patch More to Come

1. New Quest Infested Zone (Warrior We Need You)
2. New Titles
3. Lacaball Repaired
4. New Mobs New Bosses Enjoy more to come
Final Client

Final Client Version Meaning no more new client
1. New GameGuard
2. Anty Virus Software Free To help to keep you all Safes When playing LC
3. Driver Booster To help you install all newest drivers to improve your gaming experience
4. Clean up Client For better Performance
Enjoy And Welcome to LC
Event Bring a Friend And Recieve Free Cash 1 Friend Recieve 1k 2 Friend 2.5k 3 Friend 3.5k 4 Friends 4.5k And so on Welcome to all and have a great Time whit us Got Problems Whit Any thing please report it Via Live Support Or Any Admin or GM In game Thank you
Maintenance completed

can all now update and log in
Server Maintenance

Duration of maintenance can take up to 3 - 6 hours thank you
Xmas Event Early Startup / Ranking

Xmas Event Has been Started Enjoy
Ranking are base on lvlup date and lvl ranking on the Website
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4 Itto 300
5 Nora 300
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